2018 Rehearsal & Recital Info

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The following is a break down of policies, expectations & schedules

for dancers, parents & audience members.

Rehearsals are 4/18, 4/19 and 4/20. Please check the schedule for the day your class will rehearse. Schedules will be posted below when available. We require each dancer to be accompanied by an adult for the duration of the rehearsal.  We have a closed rehearsal.  Dancers may be accompanied by immediate family (or a designated caregiver) only.  Please no added friends or relatives.

Rehearsal is Mandatory

Friday’s rehearsal is full dress in costume. Each dancer will bring all costume/shoe requirements to the Morrison High School; be dressed in first costume and lined up by the time given.  Do not wear your costume to the rehearsal or show.  Please transport all costumes in your garment bag.  Parents and dancers are allowed to view rehearsal in the auditorium.  A cover up is recommended. Dancers and parents are restricted to the dressing rooms, restrooms and auditorium.  Please, only females in dressing rooms.

Dressing rooms and Mother’s Passes  Class colors will be posted on each dressing room.  Please find your own space and you will leave your costumes in the dressing room after completing Friday’s rehearsal.  Please do not leave anything Wednesday or Thursday night.  Your name should be in EVERYTHING.  A Mother’s Pass will be issued to each family.  This pass will allow one female access to the dressing rooms during the shows and be your free ticket into the performances.  Mother’s Passes are not replaceable and have to be given to a female.  We prefer that you dress your student during the show.  You are not required in the dressing room to dress older students.  Volunteers will supervise the dressing rooms and line up dancers but WILL NOT DRESS YOUR STUDENT.    No friends or family are allowed in dressing rooms before or after the show. 

No costumes are allowed to be worn outside the dressing rooms during the show.    No dancers are allowed in the cafeteria or auditorium wearing a dance costume before or during show time.  Please do not eat ANYTHING while wearing your costume unless you have a cover up.  No juice, soda or colored beverages in the dressing rooms.  Clear water is permitted.  Young dancers will not be allowed to leave dressing rooms after the show, you will need to pick them up and hand in your Mother’s Pass.

Dancers are not allowed to leave the dressing room until the recital is over.  This has been our long standing policy at JDC for all older dancers.  However, the younger dancers are finished with their dances early in the program.  ONLY the Green, Pink and Purple class dancers (after their last dance) will be allowed to sit in the audience with their parents for the last section of the show.  No clog shoes allowed in the auditorium and their finale costume must be covered with a robe or long shirt they may be seated with you in the auditorium.  We will not go looking for them to participate in the finale bows, so please have them lined up in the hall before the last number is completed.  All other classes must remain in the dressing rooms until the show is completed.

2018 Rehearsal:Show Schedule