Dessert Theater

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Dessert Theater

October 1, 2017

What is a Dessert Theater?  It is our version of a Dinner Theater.  We decorate our studio, take reservations, seat our guests, provide a dessert menu and beverage while the audience is treated to wonderful themed performance featuring our very own students.  The dancers enjoy the experience of not only performing but also ‘working a show’.  Profits go toward props for the season as well as studio & performance needs.  If you are unable to attend but your child is performing, you can drop off and pick up at the times given on the schedule (will be added below after sign ups).  DEADLINE for sign up is September 14.  Tickets will be available for purchase at the studio September 18th.  Seating is limited and set at tables of four.  If your party is only one or two, you may be seated with another couple…eat, drink and enjoy!  Be sure to sign up and experience a unique performance opportunity.

All tickets are $10 and must be purchased in advance.  

Studio #815-772-4108       email:

Performers:   please arrive dressed in costume as space will be limited.  All make up and hair should be done before you arrive. Please bring your dance shoes with you (with your name in them). You may drop off and pick up your student per the times given on the schedule.
Our theme is “Halloween Spooktacular”. Students create their costume from home.  Students will learn what their Halloween song will be the first week of classes and costumes can be created accordingly.  We will discuss in detail the first night of class when the parents are in attendance. All classes will wear their soft shoes (either jazz or ballet shoes)

Costumes for the Halloween Spooktacular Dessert Theater:

Green & Pink Classes: Any halloween costume with pink ballet shoes

Purple & Blue Classes:  dancing to “The Addams Family”  wear black costume (black cat, spider, witch, vampire, Morticia, etc) (Purple class wear pink ballet)  (Blue class wear tan jazz)


Orange Class:  dancing to “This is Halloween”  wear classic halloween costume (witch, pumpkin, skeleton, mummy, ghost…no princess, cheerleader etc.  Wear tan jazz shoes

Teal Class: dancing to “I put a spell on you”  wear a witch costume, can be any style  wear tan jazz shoes

Ivory & Silver Classes:  dancing to “Thriller” dress as a Zombie wear dance paws

Click below for full schedule

2017 Performance Schedule Dessert Theater