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Students must be three years old by the first day of class. The first month of classes may show a shuffling of students from class to class to find the best fit. Each student is placed by Jennifer where he/she can absorb the most information.


Each dancer should be dressed and ready at the time class begins. A dancer may not miss more than two dance classes in a row. If more than two unexcused absences occur in a row, the dancer will be pulled from the choreography and will not perform that piece. There will be no refund of dance fees if the dancer misses class.


Appropriate dress is an important part of dance class. Dressing for class shows respect for your teacher and ensures quality instruction. All female dancers are required to wear a leotard or tight fitted tank top (any color). Skirts or fitted dance shorts above the knee as well as tights are encouraged. Absolutely no jeans or pants that cover the ankles and feet. Hair should be pulled securely from the face. No t-shirts or sweatshirts allowed.


Pointe shoes are required for Pointe class. Black Irish ‘reel’ shoes are required for all Irish classes. Combination class requirements vary by age and the choreography planned for that season. All shoes are available for purchase through the studio. Requirements will be posted by August of each new dance season.


Dance fees are calculated by dance season, not monthly. There are three payment options: a full year payment, two half-year payments, or monthly payments. All monthly payments are due on or before the 10th of the month or a $5 late fee will be applied to the month. Family discounts are available. If an account is past due more than a month, the studio may refuse further classes.  There will be $25 fee for all NSF returned checks resulting in transactions going to a cash only basis.


Current students will receive their class placement and registration forms before registration is opened to the waiting list. If registrations are not turned in by the deadline, your placement will be forfeited. A $15 registration fee is required and is non-refundable.  Registrations done online require the registration fee to be mailed into the studio, 104 B West Main Street, Morrison IL. 61270.




Our annual dance recital is in April and is held at the Morrison High School. While participation is not mandatory, it is encouraged. All participating performers will be scheduled for a mandatory rehearsal and will be required to perform in one or both shows. All fees must be brought up to date before the date of final dress rehearsal. Failure to do so may result in expulsion from the studio.


Each student performing in the recital will need to order a costume. Costumes are ordered in November each season. Costumes can run between $60 and $90. Size charts and measuring will be offered by the studio, but parents will choose the size costume they want for their child. Costume companies charge an exchange fee and do not accept returns. Once the order is placed, the costume is yours. The studio offers optional fundraising to offset costume costs. Dancers may not fundraise on their own using the studio name.  *Class fees must be brought up to date through November before costumes will be ordered.


Class fees are pre-determined each dance season. If you choose to pay monthly you will not lose money if the month is cut short due to a holiday. There are no make-up classes for classes cancelled due to severe weather. If a class has more than two cancellations due to teacher illness, a make-up class will be scheduled.


All payments are done through the office during office hours.  Office hours are listed to the right of your screen as well as on the bulletin board at the studio. There are no office hours for the studio during the summer months. You can contact the studio by phone #815-772-4108 or by email jdcmorrison@frontier.com


Classroom rules will be posted in the wait room. These rules will be introduced and explained at the beginning of each dance season. Students thrive in a disciplined classroom. When the teacher shows respect for the students and makes it clear what is expected of them; the classroom becomes a comfortable place to teach and learn.