JDC is currently running classes & camps virtually. We will continually update you on our in studio class opportunities as well as our COVID-19 safety response.

We Believe

In Dance Education

We are invested in each student who walks through our doors. Students are taught proper technique, discipline and skills in a safe, non-competitive environment that emphasizes classroom etiquette, perseverance, goal setting and development of self-esteem.

Dance is Family

Once a dancer, always a dancer.  Our studio’s culture thrives because of the people we fill it with. Our students display positivity, are focused, prepared, respectful, cooperate and include fellow dancers. Friendship, laughter & togetherness are key ingredients to our success.

Dance is a Natural Art Form

Much of what young children do as play, singing, drawing & dancing are natural forms of art. These artistic activities engage all the senses and wire the brain for successful learning. Our curriculum is a perfect mix of training and fun!